1:30pm to 2:20pm - Session 3

Web Accessibility 101 - Accessibility Information and Solutions for Everyone

If you can design a website, you can design an accessible one. - World Wide Access

Web accessibility is nothing new, and there are a lot of actionable ways to make your content usable for all. The focus of this session will be on easy, everyday things that we all can do to make sure our sites are accessible for everyone, introduce accessibility standards and insure compliance with regulatory guidelines, learn WHAT NOT to do, and introduce site testing tools to help you build an accessible and inclusive website.

Site Building With The End User In Mind

Building a successful Drupal website or platform often involves a lot of configuration & modeling on the needs of the folks who will be using the site & how the content they are producing is exposed. 
Who are these ‘end users’ we refer to? They are generally just good people who want to easily get work done & we’ve been those people - in Drupal 5, Drupal 6 & Drupal 7. 

Behat Kickstart for Drupal Developers

Testing is more important than ever. In an Agile development enviroment, testing is essential.

Now you can learn to understand Behat testing as related to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 -- fast. 

Behat Kickstart for Drupal Developers covers the basics of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Behat and then rapidly moves into more advanced concepts that will quickly escalate your grasp of Behat by clearly integrating Behat with your existing Drupal and PHP knowledge. 

DevOps Discipline: Detailed & Complete

Dive into code-driven details with a backstory, discovering a complete solution which achieves consistency using secure and open-sourced automation. Introduce harmony to your infrastructure and Agile workflow while adding business value and reducing risk.

Presented by the devopsgroup.io Catapult team - you may know our other projects, vagrant-digitalocean and vagrant-hostmanager.

Seth Reeser and Steve Britton


Better Agile Drupal Sprints: leverage Jira for good

You've got a great team of agile architects and developers who are making great progress through the backlog; and you're working with a group of enthusiastic product owners who are writing good, clear user stories and acceptance criteria. As a project manager or scrummaster managing a large, distributed team, are the ways you can further improve, and get your deliverables out the door more quickly and efficiently?

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