2:25pm to 3:15pm - Session 4

How structured content and the Paragraphs module reignited my Drupal flame

The Paragraphs module is relatively new to the Drupal scene, but has picked up steam lately for those of us who work on content heavy sites.  It allows us as developers and site builders to think about a new way to build our content types - one less reliant on being able to read the minds of our editors and content authors.  

Merging "Requirements" with Real Life Possibilities or The Client Calls at Midnight

You're sitting across from your client, nervously stirring your coffee...umm...well...

"I think we could do that," you finally say.

Instantly your stomach is in knots. You're not sure how to do THAT.

You're not even sure your client needs THAT. So what do you do? How do you take the person holding the purse strings, and tell them that they can't have what they want?

By embodying the spirit of Jessica Fletcher and starring in your own TV Show spinoff "Client She Wrote."

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