Branching Out with LeafletJS

Branching Out with LeafletJS

Leaflet is a great lightweight Open Source JS mapping library that can pair very well with Drupal. The LeafletJS drupal module can easily get you going and with a few other contributed modules you can have some great features to display your Data. However, there is so much more that leaflet can do AND there is so much more that the developer can do to customize the user's interaction with your data.

This talk will quickly cover the basic setup of leaflet within Drupal to get developers moving but will focus on showing how Drupal developers can take advantage of Leaflet features to provide custom integration and functionality. We’ll also walk through two real-world sites and provide some custom code that developers can take home with them and continue to explore.

Integration points to cover:

  • CSS (of Course)
  • Views
  • Custom Ajax Commands
  • Extending leaflet Classes


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