Coding in the Cloud: Local DevOps made easy

Coding in the Cloud: Local DevOps made easy

Fast, simple, local development for the masses!

It's time to burn down W/MAMP, Virtual Box, Chef, Puppet, Vagrant, lxc, Docker, and all that other DevOps overhead.  2016 is the year cloud-based IDEs become viable.

Cloud IDEs (integrated development environments) run entirely in your browser, and offer powerful editing and debugging tools you used to find only in big desktop software like Eclipse, but with amazing capabilities like remote pair coding and persistance across machines, all with zero infrastructure maintenance.  Plus with a little chewing gum, fishing line and JavaScript you can architect and standardize your ideal DevOps workflow from installs, to repo integration, build tools, and QA, to deployments. 

We'll explore pros and cons of cloud IDEs like Cloud9 and Codeanywhere and help you decide if they're right for you and your team.

Nathan Gasser
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