The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

The Project Manager as Godzilla: Learn to Squash Bugs

Projects and budgets often live and die around quality assurance. In this session learn how a blend of client management tactics and technical resources will up your game and make you a cross-functional quality assurance and project management kaiju. Discover how to engage clients in a successful QA process from kick-off to launch with a blend of practical tips and common sense tactics.

Start by crushing it with small technical steps that make a big impact. From utilizing basic aspects of the Drupal CMS to harnessing continuous integration tools, we empower you to become an indispensable member of your team. Leverage an Agile workflow supplemented by automated and manual testing. Squash bugs as you go instead of attempting to destroy everything at once. This combination of technical tips and tools will leave your team running through the streets in joy instead of fear.

This session is geared for intermediate and advanced PMs who have been in the trenches and navigated the QA/UAT process. With a monster brain full of client juju and developer mojo, you can prevent your projects from going the way of Mothra.


Learn about:

  • Latest tools in continuous integration

  • Maximizing user stories at the outset of a project to streamline the UAT process

  • Distinguishing between bugs and new features to manage scope creep

  • Industry best practices related to debugging and QA


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